Calo des Burgit

Calo des Burgit mapCalo des Burgit is a small beach in the Natural Park of Mondrago on the Southeastern coast of Mallorca.

The beach in general
Calo des Burgit is unspoilt beach, within a natural environment surrounded by a pines and low cliffs. The beach is only about 15 metres long and 20 metres wide.

There are no services at the beach. The nearest services are located at the neighbouring beach of Cala Mondrago, which can ne reached on foot through the pine woods or by following the rugged path along the coast (about 600 metres).

Calo des Burgit

Child friendliness
The beach is about average in terms of child friendliness. Not particular shallow water.

Water sports
None, the beach is very quiet.

Calo des Burgit

Beach restaurants
None, you’ll have to head for the neighbouring beach of Cala Mondrago.

Cala Mondrago holiday resort
Cala Mondrago is a secluded and small resort with only a few hotels and it is highly unlikely that Cala Mondrago will ever grow larger.

Calo des Burgit beach

In 1992 much of the area around Cala Mondrago was declared a Natural Park, thus affording it special protection from future commercial development. Calo de Burgit is situated some 500 metres from the resort of Cala Mondrago.

Watch our video from Cala Mondrago, s’Amarador and Calo des Burgit

Calo des Burgit map
The three beautiful beaches of Mondrago Natural Park. Calo des Burgit is in the upper right corner. Cala Mondrago is in the middle and s’Amarador to the left.

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