Calo des Burgit

Calo des Burgit mapCalo des Burgit is a small beach inside the nature reserve Cala Mondrago in the southeastern part of Mallorca. The charming holiday village Cala d’Or is only 7 km away in the northeast direction.

The beach in general
Calo des Burgit is one of the smallest beaches in Mallorca, but it is truly a gem. The beach is fully isolated and surrounded by pine trees, with low cliffs on both sides of the water.

Despite the beach only being 15 meters long and 20 meters wide, it is rarely overpopulated. This is because you have to walk 400 meters through the forest or 600 meters along the coastline to reach the beach. The starting point for both routes is Cala Mondrago.

Calo des Burgit

The tiny beach has nice, light sand. The water is clear, with stunning blue and turquoise colours. There are no facilities on the beach, not even a lifeguard. The closest toilets and kiosks are near Cala Mondrago.

There is not much room for play on the beach, and the water is not especially shallow. However, there are rarely any waves in the isolated bay.

Water sports
There are no noisy water sports near Calo des Burgit. You can snorkel alongside the cliffs or use your paddleboard in the bay.

Calo des Burgit

Beach restaurants
None, you’ll have to head for the neighbouring beach of Cala Mondrago.

Cala Mondrago holiday resort
As a holiday village, Cala Mondrago is relatively small and quite isolated. There are a few restaurants and hotels of which the 3-star Hotel Playa Mondrago is the best. The hotel has a nice location close to the beach, a small swimming pool and a tiny shop.

Calo des Burgit beach

In 1992 much of the area around Cala Mondrago was declared a Natural Park, thus affording it special protection from future commercial development. Calo de Burgit is situated some 500 metres from the resort of Cala Mondrago.

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Watch our video from Cala Mondrago, s’Amarador and Calo des Burgit

Calo des Burgit map
On the map you can see the three beaches in the nature reserve Cala Mondrago. Calo des Burgit in the top right corner, Cala Mondrago in the middle and s’Amarador is in the bottom left of the map.

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