Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana mapCala Mitjana is located on the north coast of Mallorca close to the holiday resort Cala Mesquida.

It is the best known of the two Majorcan beaches with the same name. The other Cala Mitjana is located on the east coast, a few kilometres north of Cala d’Or.

The beach in general
Cala Mitjana is beautifully situated between forests and rocks in unspoiled natural surroundings. The only sign of civilisation is the road passing by on the left side of the beach.

The beach is almost 100 metres long and covered with fine-grained sand. The water is clear, but sometimes there is seaweed in the water and along the waterline. When the wind comes from the north and north-east, there may be big waves.

Cala Mitjana beach

There are no facilities at the beach, not even toilets. However, it is possible to buy beverages, ice cream, sandwiches etc. at the beach Cala Torta, which is located a few hundred metres from Cala Mitjana.

You can park along the road close to the beach.

The water is not very shallow and there are often waves. So even though there is plenty of room to play, it is not one of the most child-friendly beaches.

Water sports activities
There are no water sports activities at Cala Mitjana.

Beach restaurants
There are no beach bars or restaurants at Cala Mitjana, however, you can find a nice beach café with a fine selection at the beach Cala Torta a few hundred metres to the east.

Cala Mitjana Mallorca

Nearby holiday resorts
The holiday resort closest to the beach is Cala Mesquida, which is located a few kilometres to the east. It is possible to reach this on foot along the coast, but be aware that the terrain is a bit rugged.

Plans were made to build houses and apartments at Cala Mitjana, but these plans were dropped. This was partly due to the challenges in connection with the supply of fresh drinking to the area.

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Cala Mitjana map
The map shows Cala Mitjana to the left, whereas the more popular beach Cala Torta is found on the right. Further to the west, you will see the even nicer beach Cala sa font Celada.

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