Playa del Mago

Playa del Mago mapPlaya del Mago is located next to the small village Portals Vells in the south-western part of Mallorca. Some 6 kilometres south of Magaluf.

The beach in general
Playa del Mago is a small beach situated in an unspoilt small cove with beautiful surroundings.

It is in fact a small beach. Only some 20 metres long and 5-8 metres wide. But when the beach is full, then there is plenty space on the flat rocks close to the beach. The beach has fine-grained white sand with a gently slope into the crystal clear water.

Playa del Mago beach

It is here that the film The Magician was shot in 1967, with film stars such as Anthony Quinn and Michael Caine. Playa del Mago is also known as the first naturist beach in Mallorca and is still very popular among naturists.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs towards Portals Vells and later towards Playa del Mago. The private car can be left for free in the surroundings.

Child friendliness
Very shallow water makes the beach child friendly, but the space for playing in the sand is very limited.

Playa del Mago Mallorca

Water sports

Beach restaurants
There is a nice restaurant, Bar Playa del Mago, which also functions as a beach bar.

Playa del Mago restaurant

Resorts close to the beach
Playa del Mago is completely undisturbed, with no hotels close to the beach. The nearest town is Sol de Mallorca, which is a very quiet town with private holiday homes, many of which are large and luxurious.

The nearest holiday resort with hotels is Cala Vinyes three kilometers to the north. Cala Vinyes has its own beautiful beach, and right next to the beach you will find the 4-star Occidental Cala Vinas. The hotel has bright, modern rooms and the option of a view over the beautiful bay.

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Playa del Mago map
Playa del Mago is situated beautiful inside a small cove with low flat cliffs on the left hand side of the beach. The likewise small beach Playa del Rey is situated in the next cove to the north and the larger Portals Vells beach is a 5-10 minutes walk to the south.

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