Cala Llamp

Cala Llamp mapThe beach Cala Llamp is located a few kilometres south of the holiday resort Port d’Andratx in the southwestern part of Mallorca.

The capital, Palma de Mallorca, is about 30 kilometres away and the international airport is 40 kilometres away.

The beach in general
Cala Llamp is a quite special beach. As it appears from the images, it consists of flat rocks and there is no sand. However, the water is completely clear and the view of the mountains is spectacular. The rocks are not sharp so it is easy to take a swim in the water.

Cala Llamp Mallorca

If you prefer not to lie on the rocks, there is a pool area where you can rent sun lounges and sunshades. This area also has access to showers and toilets. There is a free parking space right behind the restaurant at Cala Llamp and it is almost always available.

Cala Llamp is not really a beach suited for children and the swimming pool does not have a section with shallow water.

Water sports activities
There are no water sports activities, but the snorkelling conditions are good in the clear water.

Beach restaurants
You will find a fine restaurant close to the beach. This is also a beach bar and from here you can rent sun lounges for the pool area.

Cala Llamp

Port d’Andratx holiday resort
Port d’Andratx is one of the more exclusive holiday resorts in Mallorca. The hotels are not large, but generally of high standards. The harbour area has a fine selection of restaurants, for instance Restaurante Barlovento that serves some of the local specialties.

The Cala Llamp beach is located in a residential area south of town. It is a very quiet area and so is the beach and the pool area at Cala Llamp.

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Cala Llamp map
The pool area with the triangular swimming pool can be seen in the centre of the map. The beach (the flat rocks) is situated a bit southeast of the pool area. Port d’Andratx is located to the north.

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