Portals Vells

Portals Vells mapThe small village of Portals Vells is located in the south-western part of Mallorca.

The beach in general
Portals Vells I is the main beach in Portals Vells with the other being Playa del Mago (Portals Vells II) and Playa del Rey (Portals Vells III).

Portals Vells I is the largest of the three. The beach has fine-grained sand and is surrounded by pines. The water is crystal clear and usually calm.

Being one of the more relaxed beaches, Portals Vells I is popular among the locals, especially in the weekends. Facilities include loungers, parasols and toilets. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs towards Portals Vells. The car can be left for free in the surroundings.

Portals Vells Mallorca

Child friendliness
The water is quite shallow and usaually calm.

Water sports
The conditions for snorkelling are good.

Beach restaurants
You will find a large restaurant on the left hand side of the beach.

Portals Vells swimming

The resort of Portal Vells
Portal Vells is a very small village with less than 50 permanent residents and no hotels.

The popular resort of Magaluf is situated som 6 kilometres to the north and El Toro about the same distance to the west.

Portals Vells map
Portals Vells I is the most southern of the three beaches in Portals Vells. The two other beaches, Playa del Mago and Playa del Rey, can be spotted in the upper part of the map. All three beaches are situated in natural surroundings.

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