Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida mapCala Mesquida is located in one of the most scenic areas of Mallorca, in the north-eastern part of the island. The nearest towns are Capdepera and Cala Ratjada.

One of the best hotels in town is Viva Cala Mesquida Resort, a beautiful and very family-friendly hotel right next to the beach.

The beach in general
Cala Mesquida is located in a large bay, surrounded by rocks on both sides. A beautiful sight if you go a bit up the rocks.

Cala Mesquida beach

The beach is approx. 350 metres long and the sand goes all the way into the land. The sand is bright and fine-grained, and the water is very clear with nice turquoise shades.

It is possible to rent sun lounges and sunshades at the beach. At the very back of the beach, close to the restaurant, it is possible to rent double luxury sun lounges. There are no showers or toilets at the beach.

The location of the beach is fairly unprotected. This means that Cala Mesquida is more exposed to wind and waves than other places in Mallorca. Luckily, there is a lifeguard keeping an eye on the bathers. The eastern part of the beach is reserved for naturists.

Cala Mesquida Mallorca

The beach has plenty of room for the children to play, but on windy days, the waves quickly increase in size.

Water sports activities
It is possible to rent water bikes at the beach, but otherwise, there are no water sports activities.

Cala Mesquida hotel

Beach restaurants
At the back end of the beach, you will find the large and very popular restaurant called Mirablau. At the central part of the beach, you will find a beach bar.

Cala Mesquida holiday resort
Cala Mesquida is a very small and relatively unspoiled holiday resort. There is a small area with hotels, some restaurants and a few supermarkets and shops. The nightlife is quiet.

Cala Mesquida Mallorca

The town is surrounded by a lovely landscape with hills and a protected pine forest. Five-six kilometres from Cala Mesquida, you will find the small Majorcan town Capdepera, which is a Medieval town with walls and towers. This is definitely worth a visit.

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Cala Mesquida map
As the satellite photo shows, the sand has been blown far into the country over time. Capdepera is located further to the south, but otherwise Cala Mesquida is situated in unspoiled surroundings. Cala Ratjada is located to the southeast.

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