Cala Molto

Cala Molto mapCala Molto is a relatively unknown beach on the northeast coast of Mallorca. It is quite close to the popular beach Cala Agulla and 3 kilometres from the holiday village Cala Ratjada.

The beach in general
Cala Molto is a quite small and completely natural beach in beautiful surroundings. It is well-protected inside a bay, surrounded by low cliffs and woods.

The largest part of the beach is covered by sand, but there are also some stones, especially on the back of the beach. There are no facilities near the beach.

Cala Molto beach

Not a lot of people know about the beach, so it is close to being a secret tip. Outside of peak season, you can be lucky to have the beach to yourself, but in July and August, there are usually quite a few guests.

There is paid parking in the large parking lot behind Cala Agulla. There are only 500 metres from the parking lot to Cala Molto via a small trail.

There is not a lot of space to play in the sand, but the water is low and rarely has any waves. Those that would like some more space can visit the neighbouring beach Cala Agulla.

Cala Molto Mallorca

Water sports
There are no water sports activities near Cala Molto.

Restaurants near the beach
The closest restaurants are on the neighbouring beach, Cala Agulla, which is a short 500-metre walk. Here, there is also a popular beach bar in the middle of the beach.

Cala Molto Mallorca

Holiday villages nearby
The closest holiday village is Cala Ratjada, which is 3 kilometres south of Cala Molto. Cala Ratjada is one of the most beautiful holiday villages in Mallorca, especially the area near the marina and the coastline towards the beach Son Moll.

In the northwest direction, you can find Cala Mesquida, which is smaller than Cala Ratjada. Cala Mesquida has its own beautiful natural beach backed with amazing dunes.

Cala Molto map
Cala Molto can be seen in the middle of the map. The much larger beach, Cala Agulla, is in the southern direction. To the north you can see a beach named Ses Cavasses, but there is no sand there.

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