Jungle Parc

Jungle Parc mapTo put it simply, Jungle Parc is a high ropes adventure park. In Jungle Parc children and adults alike can move between the tree tops through a mixture of ropes, zip-lines, bridges, and so much more. Some of the courses reach a height of 10 metres.

Jungle Parc is located in Santa Ponsa in southwestern Mallorca. On arrival, guests can choose between three courses: Explorador, Extremo, and Piratas (for children). Regardless of which course you choose, you can rest assured that security is top-notch. The on-site instructors teach you how to use harnesses, carabiners, etc.

Jungle Parc Mallorca

Following the thorough introduction, you’re good to go—and ready to have fun! Unless you’re a professional climber, the courses are pretty much guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and push you out of your comfort zone. Of course, you’re free to go through the course at your own pace, and there are often two different levels to choose between as you go. If things get a little too challenging, you can always get help from the English-speaking instructors.

Jungle Parc Mallorca

The Explorador course
This is the standard course for adults with no climbing experience. Pretty much everyone can do this course, and there are two levels to choose between as you go through the 40 exercises spread across heights from 3 to 10 metres. The exercises unfold across bridges, nets, ropes, zip-lines, and a bike at the end!

The Extremo course
This is the course for adrenaline junkies who are in good physical shape and have climbing experience. The 37 exercises are similar to the ones on the Explorador course, only more demanding—and the zip-lines that are over 100 metres long are incredibly fast.

Jungle Parc Santa Ponsa

The Piratas course
The Piratas course is for children aged 4 to 12. There are more than 40 activities, separated into 7 courses of varying difficulty. The activities unfold across a network of bridges, nets, zip-lines, and a pirate ship. Unlike the adult courses, the children can choose to skip an activity or do the same activity multiple times. Children need to be supervised by an adult at all times.

Further information
For further information about opening hours and prices, refer to Jungle Parc’s website.

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Map of Jungle Parc
Jungle Parc is located in the bottom left corner on the map below. The large beach is the main beach in Santa Ponsa.

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