Valldemossa is the highest town in Mallorca and one of the most beautiful. The town is located in the Tramuntana mountain range, and the drive through the lush valley with almond and lemon trees is a feast for the eyes. From Palma de Mallorca the trip takes half an hour by car, and a little more by regular bus.

The town’s name has Arabic origins. During a 300-year Arab occupation the town was named ‘Valle de Mussa’, but when the Arabs were expelled from Mallorca in 1229, the name was changed to Valldemossa. Around 300 years later (in 1531) saintess Catalina Tomás was born in the Valldemossa. Today, countless paintings of her can be seen all over the town, and every year a procession takes place in her honor.


Most houses have been restored in their original style and strolling around the streets with tourist shops, galleries, boutiques, bakeries, cafes and restaurants is a beautiful experience. Many of the house doors are decorated with flowers and images of the saintess Catalina Tomás.

Every Sunday morning there is a market in the town where many high-quality local foods are offered. Fruit, vegetables, cheeses, ham and Mallorcan olive oil are among the top sellers. It is also possible to visit several farms in the area and buy the products directly from the producers.

Valldemossa restaurant

Restaurant in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is also famous for the many prominent people who have lived in the city for shorter or longer period of time. Not least the world-renowned composer Frédéric Chopin, who lived in Valldemossa in the winter of 1838-1839 with his girlfriend, the French writer George Sand. She wrote about their stay in the book “A winter in Mallorca”, which of course is still sold in the town’s tourist shops.

Valldemossa shopping

Valldemossa secrets

In 2000, actor Michael Douglas started the project Costa Nord, which serves both as a cultural center and as an inspiration for a sustainable Valldemossa. On the Costa Nord, which is centrally located in the city, it is also possible to watch a 15-minute film about Valldemossa, and of course with Michael Douglas as narrator.

Mallorca Valldemossa

Valldemossa is definitely worth a visit, and if you want to visit another cozy Mallorcan town, Deia is only 5 km to the northwest. If you are thinking of renting a car, we recommend car rental at Avis, which has offices in several places in Mallorca.

Watch our video from Valldemossa

Valldemossa map

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