Cala Murada

Cala Murada mapCala Murada is located in southeastern Mallorca between the better-known cities of Cala d’Or and Porto Cristo. The airport is 60 km away, so by car the trip takes just under an hour.

Cala Murada beach in general
Cala Murada beach is beautifully situated in a small bay with the same name. The beach is about 100 meters long and on average 50 meters wide.

The sand is predominantly fine-grained, besides some places where it is a little coarser. The water is clean and clear, and the beach is awarded the Blue Flag. There are rental options of sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as toilets and a shower to rinse the salt water off the body.

Cala Murada Mallorca

At the back of the beach there is a small lake at the end of the River Torrent des Fangar. Next to the beach there is a large parking lot that is free of charge.

Child friendliness
Cala Murada is not very shallow, but on the other hand there are rarely waves and there is usually plenty of room to play on the beach. So, a great choice for families with children.

Water sports
There are no motorized water sports at Cala Murada, but there is the possibility of a ride on a classic water bike.

Restaurants by the beach
There is a large café at the beach. The café has a nice large terrace with umbrellas and also serves as a beach bar.

Cala Murada restaurant

The resort town of Cala Murada
With its many bungalows and apartments, it seems obvious to think that Cala Murada was founded with the intention of a holiday resort. However, this is not the case as it used to be a small fishing village.

Now the fishing boats are gone, and the focal point of the town is the beach. There are no hotels and there are also only a few restaurants and a few supermarkets. So, a very relaxed town that livens up a bit on Thursdays when there is a market close to the beach.

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Map of Cala Murada
Cala Murada bay and beach are seen in the middle of the map. Note the café’s large, lovely terrace overlooking the beach. A path along the coast leads to the nearby beaches of Cala Domingos Grans and Cala Domingos Petits in Calas de Mallorca.

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