• Sa Coma

    Sa Coma

    Sa Coma is located on the east coast of Mallorca, just south of Cala Millor. Between the two holiday towns…

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  • Porto Cristo

    Porto Cristo

    The cozy little town of Porto Cristo is located approximately in the middle of the east coast of Mallorca, about…

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  • Calas de Mallorca

    Calas de Mallorca

    Calas de Mallorca is a family-oriented resort on the south-east coast of Majorca. The beaches in general  Calas de Mallorca…

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  • Cala Varques

    Cala Varques

    Cala Varques is located between the towns of Porto Colom and Porto Cristo. The beach in general Cala Varques is…

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  • Cala Sa Nau

    Cala Sa Nau

    Cala Sa Nau is located on the east coast of Mallorca, some kilometres north of the popular town Cala d’Or.…

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  • Cala Murada

    Cala Murada

    Cala Murada is located in southeastern Mallorca between the better-known cities of Cala d’Or and Porto Cristo. The airport is…

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  • Cala Morlanda

    Cala Morlanda

    The little and peaceful town of Cala Morlanda is situated between S’Illot and Porto Cristo on the east coast of…

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  • Cala Barca

    Cala Barca

    Cala Barca, also called Caló de sa Barca Trencada, is situated only three kilometres from the beautiful city Porto Petro…

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  • S'Amarador


    S’Amarador is one of two beautiful beaches in the Cala Mondrago nature reserve on the south eastern coast of Mallorca.…

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  • Cala Mondrago

    Cala Mondrago

    The secluded resort of Cala Mondrago is situated approximately 8 kilometres south of Cala d’Or on the south eastern coast…

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