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Rent a car - car hire in Mallorca

Mallorca offers a variety of attractions, beautiful villages, spectacular views and of course many fantastic beaches.

Hiring a car is a perfect opportunity to explore the island on your own hand. 

For how long should I rent the car?
Visitors who stay a week or less should consider to rent the car for the whole stay, especially if the destination resort is far from the airport.

Keep in mind, that a taxi is charging around 60-75 Euros one-way to popular resorts like Alcudia, Cala d'Or and Port de Pollensa.

Which rent a car company?
The international rent a car companies (Europcar, Hertz and more) are sometimes more expensive, but are often considered to deliver a better service at more even conditions.

The regional car hire companies (Record, Goldcar, Vanrell and more) are often cheaper, but the conditions are more uneven. It is possible to make a good deal but read the conditions even more carefully.

Rent the car in advance?
It is recommend to rent the car in advance, especially if you intend to rent the car for the whole stay or at least for several days.

This gives you the best opportunity to compare prices and read the conditions carefully.

Furthermore you know for certain, that a car is available for you in the airport.


Rent a car in Mallorca




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