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Climate and weather

Mallorca has a very pleasant, subtropical Mediterranean climate, and the nice weather is one of the reasons why Mallorca is so popular.

The beautiful flowers of the almond trees are one of the early harbingers of spring in Mallorca. The trees bloom in February, however, the spring weather does not really set in until March and April. This makes March and April the perfect time to visit Mallorca, particularly if you wish to have the island more to yourself.

The high season starts in late June and lasts until early September. During this time, the weather is usually sunny and hot, and you can go to the beach most days. The summer nights are warm and perfect for enjoying the delicious Mediterranean food in the outdoor restaurants.

There is not much rain in Mallorca. It mostly rains during the winter, particularly in October, November and December.

Spring weather
During the spring months, Mallorca has many returning visitors. Even though there are many days with nice weather, it is usually not beach weather in March and April. In May, the average day temperatures reach 23 degrees, which allows for more days with lovely beach weather. However, the water is still cold in May.

Summer weather
During the summer in June, July and August, the sun shines approx. 10-11 hours a day. The average day temperatures are approx. 30 degrees, whereas the night temperatures are close to 20 degrees. Actual heat waves are uncommon in Mallorca, but they may occur. The water is about 22-24 degrees during the entire summer, which makes it perfect for a refreshing swim in the hot summer weather.

Autumn weather
The nice weather and the warm temperatures last long into the late summer. Particularly September can be included as an actual summer month, even though there are fewer hours of sun. The risk of days with cloudy weather and rain increases during October, however, it is still possible to have days with fine beach weather. November is off-season in Mallorca.

Winter weather
The weather during the winter can be compared to nice autumn weather in Northern Europe. Despite the relatively sunny weather, the winter is off-season in Mallorca and many hotels are closed. The average day temperatures are approx. 15-16 degrees, but the nights can be cold. There is usually no snow, except in the mountains where snow is common in the winter.

  Mallorca almond tree

Mallorca climate

Average Day
Daily sunshine
with rain
January 15 5 5 13
February 16 6 5 13
March 17 7 5 13
April 19 8 5 14
May 23 9 4 16
June 27 10 3 20
July 31 11 1 24
August 31 10 2 24
September 28 8 4 24
October 23 7 6 21
November 19 6 6 18
December 16 5 6 16

Source: DMI among others.




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