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Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro is located 6 kilometres from Santanyi in the southeast corner of Mallorca.

The beach can be a bit difficult to find. The residents put up signs saying that the road is private, but it is possible to drive all the way to the beach.

Calo des Moro beach
Calo des Moro is an incredibly beautiful beach situated deep inside a bay with sheer cliffs.

It is a small beach, but the 40 metres of beach is covered with fine-grained and bright sand. The water is crystal clear with the most beautiful turquoise shades. Perfect for a swim between the high cliffs.

When you have parked your car, there is a few hundred metres on foot. You will pass the beach Cala s'Almunia on the way, but Calo des Moro is the most beautiful one of the two. There is a steep flight of stairs down to Calo des Moro and it has no facilities - not even close to the beach.

For many years, the beach has been described as a 'secret tip'. It is not anymore, so in July and August it would be good idea to come early in the day. Try to avoid the weekends, when many of the locals usually visit the beach.

It is a good place for children to go for a dip as the water is shallow and almost always calm. However, there is rarely much room to play in the sand.

Water sports activities
There are no water sports activities, but the bay is perfect for a swim and for snorkelling.

Beach restaurants
There are no restaurants at or close to the beach.

Nearby holiday resorts
The beach is located close to a small and nice residential area, but you cannot see the houses from the beach.

The nearest holiday resort is Cala Santanyi, 6 kilometres to the northeast. Cala Santanyi has some good hotels, and it is a lovely place to have a quiet and relaxed holiday.

Between Calo des Moro and Cala Santanyi, you will find the small town Cala Llombards. The town also has a very nice sand beach with the same name as the town.

  Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro map

Calo des Moro beach

Calo des Moro

Calo des Moro Video

  Calo des Moro map
To the right, you can see Calo des Moro, whereas Cala s'Almunia is on the left side of the map. Further to the northwest, you will find Cala Llombards followed by Cala Santanyi. Both of these towns also have some fantastic beaches.



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